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Chairman Message
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you as Chairman of Indo American Studies [IAS] to our website. I feel an enormous sense of privilege in being involved in education today. I'd like to share some of my thoughts on higher education in the context of the new global economy and community that's emerging.

New Degrees of Learning

Founded in 1992 and presently having a nationwide network of offices, Indo American Studies evolved and flourished to take its place at the forefront, as an innovative, academic pioneer. The task of leading this marvelous institution into the 21st century is an enormous responsibility, a challenge I eagerly, but solemnly, embrace. Our mission is to assist and facilitate admissions to some of the best and top ranked universities located globally. Every year we counsel several thonusand students and guide them in securing admissions to Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs and most of them with scholarships and financial aid. Our alumni are proud of our service and routinely write to us to let us know about their careers and accomplishments. IAS is an intimate and harmonious intellectual community, where our counselors work closely to serve the students, - in short, what a great organization is supposed to do. There is perhaps no better testimony to our success in that arena than the remarkable tradition of service to scholastic & meritorious students in securing scholarships and financial assistance from various schools.

Transforming Education

Many institutions of higher learning are remaking themselves to enhance their relevance as knowledge organizations in an innovation-driven global economy. At IAS our vision is to become a global knowledge enterprise that builds synergies between education, research and entrepreneurship. To attain this vision, we aim to inculcate a global mindset and foster a spirit of entrepreneurship among our community of professors, students and alumni.

In a global environment where traditional competitive advantages have shifted, companies face the pressure to reposition themselves, restructure, outsource non-core operations or face imminent collapse. Other companies ride on the opportunities thrown up by globalization, by creating new industries and entering new markets. And when they do, they scout for talents globally. The new reality for prospective employees looking to make inroads into multi-national companies is this: In the global marketplace, companies are looking for people with overseas experience who can lead or work with a multicultural workforce, and yet understand local operating conditions

IAS Campus - With Tech Edge

We are in the process of setting up a world class institution of higher learning incorporating state of the art technology. On completion, it will be a center of academic excellence offering globally relevant and technology driven programs. However, we have to build on our strengths in education if we are to take a vibrant country like India upstream. We are retaining the fundamental advantages of a competitive, national system of education, while seeking to create new strengths. We are creating a more flexible system and providing more choice to the individual student, so as to encourage him or her to find their own talents and interests and to develop them to the fullest. We intend to offer industry-specific and globally relevant programs such as Business Administration, Engineering and Computer Sciences at both Bachelors and Masters Level.

It is my profound belief, that as educators, we must do a better job of cultivating the interests and aptitudes of our students in mathematics and the sciences at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Indeed, given the current global environment, every institution of higher education must better prepare its students to face a host of cultural, moral and ethical, intellectual and other challenges as we strive to adapt to the new realities of our world. Higher education must instill in students a set of values appropriate to our international community. We must cultivate character, character built on a moral and spiritual awareness of, and appreciation for, others -- a capacity for love and respect for all people of all backgrounds. I believe, the function of the university is not simply to teach bread winning, or to furnish faculty to students or to be a center of polite society. It is, above all, to be the organ of that fine adjustment between real life and the growing knowledge of life, an adjustment which forms the secret of civilization.

The main campus is envisioned to have teaching facilities, lecture halls, workshops and world-class accommodation along with centralized services with Computer Services Unit, Educational and Staff Development Unit, Digital Library, Student Advisory Services, Administrative Offices etc. These facilities are supported by 'always-on' IT infrastructure. Students will benefit from an extensive range of sophisticated resources, which will be continually updated including:

Well-equipped classrooms with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities such as Video-Conferencing, LCD monitors, Desktop Systems, Broadband Internet connections etc.

Computer laboratories with advanced software for word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, CAD/CAM, mathematical applications and programming languages.

Well-stocked library with more than 50,000 volumes of books and accredited journals, online Reference sources including CD-ROMs and Internet services.

Biotechnology Wave

There is no doubt that 21st century will be the century of life sciences. Many scientists and economic analysts therefore regard Biotechnology as one of the key technologies for next few decades. It is a fortunate and exciting coincidence that Biotechnology and Bioinformatics are developing at an unprecedented rate. Now that the genomic blue print of life has been almost completed, many more opportunities will arise for the life sciences. Globalization has brought about new opportunities, new markets and new education streams fostering competition and international partnerships. This is an opportunity we must seize. As Martin Luther King Jr. pointed out: "We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character -- that is the goal of true education."

I feel confident in our ability to meet these and other challenges that will be certain to appear. Our highly dedicated and committed team of faculty and academicians are all set to achieve excellence in their field of education. I am honored to be the leader of this team and look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead.

I hope and trust that this website will help you finding answers to many of your questions about higher studies abroad. I encourage you to contact us should you need any further assistance.

This is our challenge. This is our goal. This is our commitment

Nagendra Pulumati M.B.A., (USA)


Changes to UK Student Visa Tier 4 of the points-based system.

The UK Border Agency is making a series of important changes to the student visa - Tier 4 of the points-based system.

A Tier 4 (General) student who will be studying a course that is below degree level (except a Foundation Degree or an English language course), should be competent in English language at a minimum of level B1 on the CEFR in all four components (reading, writing, speaking and listening). To prove the English Language Competency, students should take an English language test with an approved test provider.

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